Bowen Therapy Cape Town

                                    Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is  a gentle, soft tissue body work developed by Tom Bowen in Australia during the 1950s.

What to expect

The treatment consists of a series of gentle, relaxing, precise movements over the muscles or ligaments. There should be no discomfort if the moves are done correctly and it is quite safe for anyone no matter what age.

As in most therapies, a case history will be taken. The technique will be described to the client. They will lie on a massage table with light clothing and will be covered with a blanket or towels if it is cold. Unlike a massage, oil is not necessary so it's great if you want to go back to work without feeling oily.

Why Bowen Therapy

Nature has a "knowing" and an understanding of perfection. A caterpillar knows how to transform into a butterfly, birds know where to migrate, salmon know where to spawn and flowers know when to bloom.

Something nudges them in the right direction ....

In the same way, our bodies know how to balance and they know how to heal. They just need the time and space to do so.

Bowen therapy assists this process beautifully by nudging the body in the right direction. Once set in motion, nature takes over.

The breaks in Bowen therapy, when the therapist leaves the room, allow the body time to find its way back to perfection.

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